Л. Агаева


Lala Aqaeva. 1980. Pedagogical College secondary school teacher, 1995-2000. Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University 2001-2005. Azerbaijan Union of Artists of 2003. 2014 International Activist Artist Assisation. 2015 Georgia-Azerbaijan assosiasiasinin member. Azerbaijan represented in foreign countries. Works are in private collections. Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Russian, took part in exhibitions of works in America.
In 2000 dress collection exhibitions. 2002 "Signs of Spring" 2003 "in the eyes of Icheri urban artists. 2004" beauty in the world. "2012" Khojaly tragedy "2013 Four Seasons Hotel" Blue Water "Certificate. 2013." I am proud that I am Azerbaijani". 2013-2014 Azerbaijan Art Diploma Festival. 2014 SOCAR "energy-Art 20". 2013 Certificate of Participation Organization World Art Games Art Games held in Croatia in the first world. 2013 Museum Day "new names" Certificate. 201213Art Council "Khojaly tragedy through the eyes of young artists "Flag Square Museum of 2014" a source of pride flag "in Baku, Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev on honor .2014 9-year anniversary of the birth certificate of honor. 2014 Defence Industry Exbition Certificate of 2014 had made the representation of the final Toplanti Azerb Participation2014 UASB Diploma Exhibition